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Motorcycle Accident Injuries Chiropractors Treat

Most people would assume that car and motorcycle accidents are very similar, in fact, motorcycle accidents are very different. This is primarily due to the exposure of the rider. Because a motorcycle rider isn’t protected by a seatbelt or an airbag, but only has a helmet, naturally, the risk of injury is increased. Here are the main injuries associated with a motorcycle accident and how a chiropractor can help.

Hip/pelvic misalignment

With any impact, if the hip or pelvis bears the brunt of this, this can cause strain on three different points, the pubic joint as well as the two sacroiliac joints on your back which connects the pelvis to the spine. As such, a misaligned hip or pelvis could be confused with back pain. As it could be very painful, a chiropractor is able to help realign the pelvis by using chiropractic manipulative therapy as well as exercises to be conducted at home.


A type of neck injury that can occur even at a very low speed. It’s called whiplash because it’s very similar to a whip being cracked, due to a forced motion back and forth. As whiplash is a soft tissue injury where the muscles and tendons in the neck are stretched, a chiropractor can make gentle adjustments to realign your neck. A chiropractor can also suggest exercises for you to practice at home.

Rider’s arm

Also known as biker’s arm, this is an injury specific to riders of motorcycles. Because a motorcyclist will, on instinct, bring their hand out in front of them prior to impact to protect themselves, the crash will cause damage to the shoulder, arm, and hand. A chiropractor can increase the range of motion of an injury like this by using hydro-massage or massage therapy.

Leg or foot injury

Common sprains or strains, as well as rash or fractures, are very common after a motorcycle accident. In fact, these are the most common injuries sustained after a motorcycle accident. If medical attention is required first, this means that the fracture will have to be reset. A chiropractor is able to help with muscle or tendon damage using massage therapy, as well as hydro-massage and exercises to increase your range of motion.


Far from it being just a bump on the head, concussion can be one of the longer lasting injuries, a concussion can result in various issues with the brain, such as an inability to concentrate, as well as coordination problems, and possibly vision impairment, recovering from a concussion can facilitate the need for a diverse range of treatments.

However, a concussion may very well be the diagnosis based on the symptoms, but cervical spine subluxation could very well be determined to be the cause by a chiropractor. If there’s enough physical trauma to cause an injury to the brain, this could also cause issues with the spine, so a chiropractor can directly help with this.

Various injuries can arise as a result of a motorcycle accident, but a chiropractor can treat a lot of these and put you back on the road again.