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Back Pain

Back pain is the leading reason people seek out the assistance of a chiropractor. A chiropractor as can help both with both pain management, and by improving the alignment of the back, they can help prevent future episodes of pain. When you first go to see a chiropractor, he or she will take a medical history and most likely ask you questions to find out what may have triggered the pain. The chiropractor will also feel around your back to determine where the pain is coming from.

Chiropractors treat many types of back pain using spinal manipulation. The chiropractor will have you lie down on a special table and put your arms and/or legs in certain positions. Then he or she will apply pressure to make your bones and joints return to their proper places. Most people feel great relief when they have this done, although some people are a little sore the next day.

Spinal Degeneration

Spinal degeneration refers to a gradual deterioration in the function of the spine. Aging, injury or trauma can all contribute to wearing down the cartilage discs between the vertebrae.


Phase 1

is the stage in which the spine loses its balance. Nerves are affected and joints and discs begin to age more rapidly. At this point, response to spinal care is generally positive.

Phase 2

involves a much greater degree of decay. As discs narrow even further, changes in posture become more evident. There is more pain than at Phase 1, but significant improvement is possible with chiropractic care.

Phase 3

is marked by further imbalances in posture, more advanced nerve damage, and bone deformation. A permanent loss of height can occur and loss of energy is significant. Disabilities may become more noticeable along with mental and physical weakness. Some reversal of symptoms may be experienced with the correct chiropractic care.

Phase 4

involves severely limited motion. Serious nerve damage, permanent scar tissue, and fusion of the bones may become noticeable. Phase 4 shows a significant increase in pain levels, while mental and physical abilities are severely compromised. Although considered irreversible, some relief from the condition may be expected from the chiropractic treatment given.


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